Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Racism you punk coward motherfucker,you have always been a bottom feeder.World history describes you as such.I don't fear you,never have and never will..You've been murdering the  people who taught you how become civilized,before that you lived like the beast you are.Your so afraid of Black culture,your murdering their children.Your terrified of another B.Obama in the making.You keep pushing for a race war in America,there's a lot Nat Turner mindsets in Black culture.You know you have all the weapons of mass destruction,so you keep provoking Black culture into a race war.So you can kill us with drones and put us in camps.Some of Black culture is not as forgiving as you think. Remember pressure burst pipes.Black culture doesn't murder your children,even Black law enforcement doesn't kill racist children.You'd probably kill them if they do.God didn't make the world for you to own,even though you believe God did.You used God to put fear in the hearts & minds of slaves.Some of us in Black culture don't have a slave mentality.We know what the true God made us for.Your time is up believe it or not,judgement day is upon you.God has a wrath like know other.The pain that you inflicted on those who built America with their blood sweat & tears,will not be in vain.Though you may think so.The hate in your soul shows more and more each day,Your so afraid of God,you won't let his children pray in certain institutions.Still in your court rooms it says In God We Trust.What a fucking travesty,Yes I'm callin you out Racism.Too many in Black culture have been killed by you,Black culture taught you everything you know,and like the venomous snake you are.You've taken the teachings,perverted it for your own selfish,destructive agenda against Black culture.No I don't fear you Racism,you fear me.That' why you are what you are,a spineless coward.I can look in your eyes and see your intimidated by my presence.Cause just as you have studied me,I've studied you.Now this may sound like angry Black man,I beg to differ.Just know I'm not afraid of you,cause God's got my back,who's got yours.The Devil always loses.Though your a insidious beast,you will still perish by your own undoing.Racism your too fucking cocky for your own good,it's almost laughable for you to believe that you can do what you do and not have to answer to the God you used to put fear in a people who made you civilized.Racism your a train wreck waiting to happen,what are you gonna do?When your own children turn on you,for being the murderous beast you are!Fuck you Racism,"I'm Not Afraid Of  You".Not today,not tomorrow,not ever.........No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Inner city communities of color,schools,churches,malls & movie theaters.These are the "Killing Fields" of America.Youth & young adults of color murdering each other in their communities,lone gunmen aka "Homegrown Terrorist",murdering unsuspecting men,women & children all across America by way of mass shootings.In places places where America's citizens believe they are safe from the "Crisis" of Gun Violence in the US..Families shattered by the untimely death of their loved ones.Meanwhile Guns are still being flooded into communities of color,States with open carry of weapons,still in effect.Government has yet to take major actions to prevent further death from happening at the steady pace,that it is.Politicians blaming the NRA,folks standing on the 2nd Amendment.Meanwhile people are still being killed.Gun makers & dealers seem to be operating with impunity.Some of America's citizens acting as if it's no big deal,until the "Plague of Gun Violence" comes to their town or knocks on their door.2016 Presidential candidates standing on their soap boxes,making speeches about the senseless death of America's citizens.Still offering no real solutions,the President calling on Congress to take action.America's Gun Laws need a serious remix.Too many of its citizens are dying due to greed and the no value for life.Mass shootings increasing,where is the fix for this "Epidemic".Any country outside the US. who harms or threaten American citizens on American soil or abroad are dealt with severely.Still here in the US.,it's own citizens who murder others are not being dealt with in the manner that they should.If a weapon is built by another country,that America perceives as a threat to the safety of it's citizens.Actions are taken to defuse the threat.Still here in America mass shooting,gang violence etc. still goes on.The "Killing Fields" of America continue to grow.The citizens of  the US. must demand action now,their loved ones who died are the collateral damage,of greed & procrastination.Society is in peril,victims of greed and so called rights.Meanwhile the the body count still rises......No Violence-Know Peace!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today we call talkin about Black folks in a negative way media slander.Or it's the White man's fault for the negativity.Or we've been stereotyped,even though there's evidence of being stereo typical by Black folk.Then there's when Black folk speak out about other Black folk's ghetto,ratchet behavior,their frowned upon or called haters.Screaming stop 'Black Bashing"!Does it even occur to them how bad some in the Black culture makes the rest of Black culture look.These same folk holla "Black Lives Matter",but are livin like "Black Lives Don't Matter".Who in their right mind would take them serious.They don't like their shaming,still they love blaming everything on other cultures,media,etc.They'll say,it ain't us it's them.Ignorance,gun violence,self exploitation,self hate,no self respect nor pride.All this is not their own faults.Don't call me a "Nigger",still I like being a "Nigga".I don't get it!People trying to be exciting,instead of callin for "Uniting".Black culture needs a serious "Remix" on all levels.A "Future Shock",cause some Black Folks behavior today is shocking.Can't seem to tell the God honest truth  to themselves about the damage that's being done to Black culture,by some in the Black culture.Some speak on how the prisons are fillin up with Black men,still some Black men keep volunteering to be part of the prison population.Saying they had no choice,what kinda ignorant crap is that,perfect example of how a lie spread by some in Black culture.Can do serious damage,leading to incarceration.Cause truth be told there's always another choice, and I'm sure at least one person told them this.It's time to realize everything that's blamed on others,keeps them winning.And keeps Black folk losing.No man in the home,single mothers stats growing at a rapid pace.Some thin Skinned Black folk frown on "Truth",cause they can't handle "Constructive Criticism".So they holla no "Black Bashing"......No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


With the rash of incidents of Black men & woman dying while in police custody,racially motivated killings in Black churches & burning of Black churches.Some Black folks believe a racial war has been declared against Black people.Angry "Black Conscious" agitators triggering weak minded Black folk emotions to  pick up guns.Religious leaders shouting "Justice Or Else",or else what is what I'd like to know.I guess I'll have to wait until October,2015 like everybody else.Meanwhile Blacks still dying,so I say we don't have any time to waste.Angry Black people calling other Black people "Koons",because they're not  emotionally out of control like they are.Seems to me some Black folk are venting anger on their own culture,more than Racism.So what could be a better plan of action,I ask myself.A action by Black folk that would produce better results,without the loss of life.Something more strategic,simple.Something that could be done ASAP.Something where no shots are fired,something radical.How about "Economic Sanctions",yes that would work.A "Radical Boycott" of Corporate America.Boycotting will be like using a "Nuclear Missile" against Racism in America.Will it work,yes it will.Cause it's fullproof,it has always worked.Now are Black folk ready to use this major power they've been giving away freely for quite sometime now.By way of consumerism.Well I say if Black  folk are really serious in the War Against Racism",then it's time to get serious.A lot of meetings & talk are not needed to "Declare Economic Sanctions".That only delays what needs to be done.Now sure they are going to be some Black folk who won't join in this action,for various reasons.Well I say more power to them,maybe in time they'll "Wake Up".When they see Boycotting works.In the mean time let's do what we need to do,"Enough"of doing what we want to do.Got to tell ourselves the truth,by saying how's that working for us.Boycotting is easy,just buy more of what you need,and less of what you want.Stay committed & consistent,don't allow ourselves to be distracted by agents of color.,this is how you fight Racism.By the way have you noticed it rhymes with Capitalism.....Hmmm.Angry Black folk tactics won't work,Boycotting will.We have proof that it works from the "Civil Rights"campaign.Now lets use it again to level the battle field.Not only will this action address "Racism".The greatest achievement for Black folks in America will be "Economic Empowerment" .

"BOYCOTT NOW,BOYCOTT NOW,BOYCOTT NOW"..........No Violence-Know Peace!

Thursday, June 25, 2015



Revelation 13:16-18

16 He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 

17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. 

18 This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

Today we live in a society where anything goes,no censorship nor morals.Principals over ruled by personalities.Spirituality corrupted by greed.Children exposed to immorality,by way of society and it's ills.The human race led by hate of one another,pawns in the spiritual battle of good & evil.Preachers preaching prosperity gospel,disguised using God's word.Society being led to slaughter like lambs.Cultures hating other cultures,because of the breeding of hate.Human life has no value in today's society.Obsessions with possessions,has blinded society to the point of selling of souls for more.People in misery acting out by way of insanity,and society won't help.Gays want rights,while Blacks are still denied theirs.Society has come up with a way for people not to say what is right.It's called "Politically Correct".Prayer is forbidden in certain institutions,meanwhile while watching TV.Mommy used to be Daddy.Violence is glorified by urban music & movies.Love has no meaning.Prisons filling up and grave yards too,with societies children.Society leaders who are really deceivers of the truth.What is normal today? Is a question that nobodies asking.Animals were born to be wild,so what's societies reason for animalistic living.Even Atheist know right from wrong.Society has compromised itself and is a train wreck waiting to happen.It has become "Moral Less,Twisted & Perverted" not caring about the damage it's doing.Maybe that's the plan to keep people in the dark.Society is in need of a "Spiritual Awakening".Death by way of wrath,I'm hope not.If so then society may be doomed to suffer from what it's become.My God is watching and waiting,I hope his patience is infinite,cause I see Society getting worse before it gets better....No Violence-Know Peace! 

Monday, May 11, 2015


I remember back in da day,when they called Brownsville Bklyn,NY. "Gun Smoke".This was due to the rough & tough community.The gun violence there today has escalated 10x,due to the availability of  fire arms.This is a common problem in most of America's inner cities,especially in communities of color.Guns the new weapon of mass destruction,young Black  men shooting each other.Cops shooting unarmed Black men,armed Black men shooting cops.As the body count continues to rise,there seems to be no significant attempt to stop the flooding of guns into communities plagued with gun violence.My question is why?These communities have gun buybacks every year,this hasn't reduced the amount of guns still in the community nor the killings.With guns still being flooded into the community,reaching the hands of young adults.Why haven't local elected officials demanded from Law enforcement,greater measures be taken to stop the flooding of guns into communities of color.Someone asked me what my view was on the bullet buyback initiative,I felt that question really insulted my intelligence.The gun buyback isn't working,so why would anyone believe.Buying bullets back would work,that's just dumb to me.Or is it just away to appease gullible people.The people greatly effected by this issue have to turn up the heat on local elected officials,demanding the flooding of guns be stopped."By Any Means Necessary".This means not taking no for a answer nor believing false promises.The death toll is too high for compromise.Action must be taken now,greater measures is the solution.People must insist that this be done.Attend your local elected official community meeting and "Turn Up" the demand to stop weapons from reaching the community. Sit ins at city halls and state capitals,everyone  must be involved in this initiative to prevent more death by the gun.This can happen with planning & consistent pressure by the people who's loved ones are being killed.Not only them,the people who haven't been directly effected must also stand in alliance on this agenda.Just as Americans have a right to bear arms,Americans also have a right to live in gun free communities."Gun Smoke" is filling the air in communities of color.Time to clear the air.....No Violence-Know Peace!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The movement for "Black Lives Matter" began near the end of 2014,still incomplete until the Justice system overhauls certain judicial policies.Guns a continuing to be flooded into  communities of color,in Americas inner cities.Stopping of Gentrification Black communities in NYC.Breaking the cycle of single parent homes,promotion of whole families by way of marriage.Prevention of "Racism's" brutal agenda.Supporting our youth &young  adults who are working to change society,for a better future.Continuing the push for Unity in the Black community.Awareness to Empowerment.Motivation by Education.More of walkin the walk,less of talkin the talk.Real love between Black men & woman.Stopping the schools to prison pipeline.More Accountability,less blaming.Making a sacrifice for the good of all.More Anger & Outrage when comes to Gun Violence in Black communities.Self exploitation prevention,perpetrated by trouble youth & young adults.Less sperm donors more Fathers.Giving children chances,some of us never had.Breaking the cycle of being intimidated by self inflicted fear.Turn hopelessness back into hope.Accomplish missions with out being distracted.More reaching back,less looking back.....No Violence-Know Peace!