Saturday, December 22, 2012


Armed teachers,bulletproof backpacks and law enforcement in every school.NRA's solution is "A good guy with gun is the solution to a bad guy with a gun". Banning of assault weapons,stricter gun laws.More thorough back ground checks of people buying guns.Media frenzy on the Gun issue as a whole. Celebrities making videos and cameos saying "Enough".Gun buy backs on the rise,mean while gun sales increase.In Urban communities nothings changed,shootings still occur on a daily basis.Suburban communities demand action on stopping the shootings of innocent people.The perpetrators of mass shootings are always lone gunmen & insane hmm!Families shattered,children traumatized in Suburban communities.Grabs a nation's attention,meanwhile in Urban communities children have been dying,parents burying their babies for quite sometime now. Troubled youth & young adults gunning each other down in Urban communities and no outrage from the nation.Mental health is on the table.The President signs a E/O because Americas unstable.Is anything going to change, probably in Suburbia there will be some change.Not in Urban communities.Because if there's a plan to stop the violence,Urban communities aren't in the equation.People feeding into the illusions of solutions,not realizing it's all a delusion.Reality is it's the sign of the times.Confusing us to the point of frustration.While we wait and see what will happen, remember if nothing changes,nothing changes.......... No Violence-Know Peace

Friday, December 14, 2012


Recently here in America there have been mass shootings.The shooting of innocent children & adults by supposedly lone gunmen with the same M/O.What is really going on is the question some of us have yet to ask ourselves.These mass shootings are occurring more frequently,and I believe something else is happening in America.Our government knows and is not telling the people of this country who's behind these mass shootings.Let's take a look where these shootings are taking place.Malls,theaters,schools,etc located in towns where folks believe they are safe from Mass shootings.Are these places deliberately targeted?Has anyone read the Executive Order 13603 the President signed on 03/16/12.Was this E/O signed because of a outside threat to America or a inside threat.Gun Violence in Urban communities and Mass shootings in Suburban communities is there a connection?Probably not,one thing is for sure people are dying. Foreign terrorism is what American soldiers put their lives on the line to protect us from.Who's protecting us from,what I believe is home grown terrorism.I know this reads like a conspiracy,still I suggest you do some research of your own.The media is giving the public sensationalism,not journalism about these mass shootings.Media is controlled by the Government.People dying "Without Warning" are the collateral damage of a war that's been declared inside America,by it's own citizens....NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Since the reelection of President Obama,I've heard stories of vindictive actions against African Americans by those who believe they somehow are above African Americans.Well it's time for a reminder about African American's history in America.Who built the White House & this country,we did by way of slavery and blood sweat & tears.Lest not forget the inventions and medical contributions "Vindictive America" benefited from.The vindictive soul of racist America has chosen to forget or doesn't care about our contributions to America.The Forefather's of Americas Racism time is short,so they breed more like themselves to continue their legacy.The rude awaking they're experiencing is their own is turning on them.This is something they thought would never happen,just like a blackman in the White House.They have become desperate in their attempt to keep people of color oppressed.African Americans are a resilient & forgiving race of people,sometimes I believe we are too forgiving.To be successful in America,African Americans have always had to go to any lengths to succeed,even if it meant selling out their own.The guilt of your past keeps you in denial about yourselves "Vindictive America",You owe African Americans Reparations,which we have yet to receive.It's a shame how you give to those who where not born here,the ways & means to live comfortable in this country.Meanwhile still creating traps for African Americans,such as allowing guns to be flooded in urban communities.Which helps your "New Jim Crow" agenda to thrive.There are those of us African Americans who are on to you,we will continue to bring awareness to African Americans,just like the Jews came here and made their way,so shall we.A African American President is only the beginning,so hate us if you will. God has declared "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!Hate yourselves for your atrocities against us throughout the history of America......No Violence-Know Peace!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Now that President Barack Obama has been reelected for another 4yrs. There has been joy,disappointment,anger, & hate.America is divided by race not politics,this is my reality.This is not at all surprising to me.Those who's candidate did not win,are saying America will not sustain itself,unless this country is lead by a white person.These same  people hide their racism behind political rhetoric,knowing damn well they're racist.Many Americans of all races are relieved by the result of the Presidential election,knowing that the leadership we have in America is the leadership we need.Hate the fuel that feeds racism will tell racist to vote for someone who does not have Americas best interest in their heart.That someone was counting on America's racism to win them the election.Well racism was defeated.Now racism is desperate and will try to antagonize or pick a fight in various ways.Through media,social networks,etc.Now if you ask me how I feel about racist,my answer is I have empathy for their ignorant & hateful souls.Greed led by racism is in the process of crumbling.For America to be strong,we must stand with each other,not one race standing over another.Is that Democracy,no it isn't. When America is attacked on it's home soil,we stand together as Americans (example 911).It is time to stand together for the betterment of America and not let the beast of racism tear our nation apart.
No Violence-Know Peace!

Friday, September 7, 2012


I was inspired to write this blog after listening to President Obama accept his nomination for reelection this past November 2012.
This blog is not to meant offend anyone,who is not a Black American.
Hopefully it will inspire others who are not Black Americans,and need a "Wake Up"!

Black Americans this is our time,we've had 6yrs to catch on to the fact that this is "Our Time".
Lets not blow it!It's time to free ourselves from ourselves. We've been waiting far too long for the opportunity we now have.We must capitalize on President Obama being in the "White House".We've been praying and asking God to help us,well God has delivered.Now it's up to us to not take God's Grace & Mercy for granted.It's time to better educate ourselves and better educate our children,The first family is living in the house,they said we would never occupy.It's the proof of what we can do as Black Americans.There are no more excuses we can make for our conditions.We now have a leader who when he speaks is telling us how to lift up ourselves to the level we need to be.Yes he is the President of the USA,not the president of Black America.Still we can achieve what others believe we can't.Black men it's time to change our mindsets about ourselves,our children & Black women.Black woman its time to change your mindset about your children & Black men.Black family values & unity,must be a priority.It's time to stop being led astray by false prophets on Sunday morning.God is watching and waiting for us to catch on to the fact that if we really want change,that change begins with us.God has more patience than we could ever imagine.How much longer shall we choose to procrastinate and believe someone else is going to do it for us.Our Troubled youth & young adults are being led to the grave & prison by those who know,that this is "Our Time".Our children's education is being sabotaged by those who know that education is the key to our "Rise"as Black Americans.Education will bring us where we need to be economically.Our spirituality needs a major overhaul.Some of us are giving their money to Churches instead of investing in their community.This type of foolishness needs to stop.One of the reasons we don't have as many black owned businesses as we should, is because we're not investing in our communities.Instead we have allowed others to profit in our communities,we don't have to stand for nor go along with it.This mindset of every bodies angry at each needs to stop,instead lets begin the healing process of ourselves.We are the only race that's stingy with each other,The more we share,the more we Rise."Our Time" maybe the only chance get to "Rise" as a people. Self help is the best help.Our Rise is not to oppress others,it's to bring us to the level we can and need to be as Black Americans in America.
No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Solutions without execution,results in delusions.Executing solutions to solve the Plague of Gun Violence in our communities,must be a daily priority.If we are truly committed to saving our youth & young adults  and restoring safe passage to our communities.We need to start & stay active where we live.Scattered efforts with inconsistency,will result in little progress.What we put in,is what we get out.Promoting community involvement must be pushed on a daily basis.Not when it becomes the flavor of the week.It is important to keep in mind,that this is a "People Of The Communities Movement".This is a "We",not a "Me"coalition.We have to occupy the corners everyday.We must keep the Black media engaged in actions & results by the people of the communities at large,that are under siege due to "Gun Violence".Mindsets must be consistent in making a difference in the communities,where we live.Donations & funding is truly needed from community resources,such as churches,city,state & local entities. Dialog with gang leaders & gang members is important in order to keep a ongoing line of communication and create a positive relationship to save lives,which is a must.Attendance at community meetings must be  a priority and consistent.At these meetings,Gun Violence & Community Safety must be the main agenda.It's our communities,so it's up to us to stay consistent,Those who have moved out of the community,who make appearances,who say they're with us,Prove it by being more active.All assets need to be be used for the betterment of our communities.Lets not stall our progress,by waiting for others.This is for us and about us,therefore it's up to us."The People Of The Communities At Large"...No Violence-Know Peace.

Monday, August 13, 2012


We must vote this November midterm election,please register to vote now,not later.This election is too important not to vote.President Obama's opponents are counting on people not registering to vote,yes they have changed the rules in some states.Don't let it deter you from going the extra mile to insure your are registered to vote.Be aware of the agents of separation,who look like you,convince you not to vote due to hidden agendas,under the guise of God & morals.We are currently in a depression, disguised as a recession.The 99% of America is struggling to live,while the 1% wants to thrive on the suffering of the 99%.Our votes can change the economy and bring stability back in to our lives.President Obama stated in 2008,that it would take 8yrs to bring America back from the damage done by the Bush administration policies.The Republican party has offered no solutions & or options.Instead they have been all about the rich.The middle class in America has all but disappeared due to corporate America's greed. Voting is the power we have to bring about change for our conditions.Don't be fooled by the pros & cons about voting.Voting is a must,if you do not vote,don't complain and shame on you.These last 6yrs,Republican party has concentrated on blocking any & everything that would help the American people,offering no alternatives.Also taking away rights for woman & minorities.They promote illegal alien workforce and healthcare repeal,Is this good for America,"No"! It's time to bring back the American Dream,A Republican Congress will mean disastrous results for us all.Please don't be distracted by rhetoric & false info about the importance of voting.Voting this November is critical,especially in African American communities,so spread the word.Register to vote now!    NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE  

Monday, July 30, 2012


As black-man in America,it seems to me .African Americans like complaining & critiquing about anything that may bring change for conditions such as the Presidents Executive Order-White house Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.I believe if the E/O pertained to another ethnic group.The cry would be "What About Us".Then there are those  who need to say or reveal what team they're on.When we don't receive anything,we cry & complain.When we do receive something,we scrutinize it without giving it a fair chance.This is one of the reasons we are still stuck in neutral.It's a fact we need better education,the mere fact that a Executive Order has been signed is a major plus for African Americans.Quiet as kept this is our time and we're blowing it,by sabotaging our own advancement with indecision,not being proactive.Instead we're being reactive.We're listening to those who have their own agenda,not our agenda.We cannot afford to allow the agents of separation divide us as a people.It's time for a lot of us to catch on and stop allowing our progress to be stunted by those who believe they have arrived and in order to keep what they have,their secret mission is to keep us separated & distracted with their opinions & propaganda.A educated African American man or woman who will not sellout can help bring African Americans to the status we need to have in America.We have a prime example of this and their living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC.

Friday, June 8, 2012


In 2008 President Obama stated "Yes We Can".Was he just speaking about the Presidency,I think not.
Here's why,how many of us really believed they would witness a Black American man become President of the  U.S.A. in their life time.Not many
The message in "Yes We Can" for Black Americans is this.
Yes We Can rise to the top.
Yes We Can free ourselves from internalized oppression & learned helplessness.
Yes We Can reverse the "Willie Lynch Syndrome".
Yes We Can change our image in America's society.
Yes We Can become better parents.
Yes We Can be "United" in our communities.
Yes We Can Demand better "Education for our children.
Yes We Can Restore Black owned businesses in our communities.
Yes We Can say no to the "Negative" messages pumped through some urban radio stations to our youth & young adults,that promote violence,sex,drugs,false riches & disrespect of women
Yes We Can decrease the "Gun Violence" in our communities.
Yes We Can be accountable for the status we now have in America,and take action to change what we have allowed to happen to our conditions,children & us as a whole.
Yes We Can stand with leaders who stand for us.
Yes We Can make our local politicians accountable for their promises,when running for office.
Yes We Can keep Dr. Kings dream alive.
Yes We Can promote self pride,self respect,self love & the value of life to our babies & youth.
Yes We Can save our troubled youth & young adults,who are called the lost generation,without them where is Black American's future.
Yes We Can love one another unconditionally.
 Yes We Can be our brothers & sisters keeper.
Yes We Can "Keep Hope Alive".
Yes We Can stop going along to get along and stand for something and stop accepting anything.
Yes We Can cause "God" said so!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Men who have been there,done that and can identify with our troubled youth & young adults in our violence plagued communities.Are needed to give their experience,strength & hope to those who believe there is no hope for a better way of life.Men who have overcome the street life,by way of  incarceration or recovery from substance abuse and are now productive members of society.These men can promote a message of "Start Where You Stand" to our youth & young adults who are in dire need of direction to a better life.By mentoring to them a clear & precise message,that they have a choice,to either live or die,go to prison or live free.To understand today's inner city youths pain and anger,and who have occupied the same corners our youth occupy today,by leading by example what can be achieved.This is what most of our troubled youth are looking for and need.The knowledge these men have from the life they lived,cannot be found in a book.these men graduated from the Universities of Street Life.It's time to use their degrees issued by God's grace & mercy,to help our youth.A "Start Where You Stand" message to our hopeless youth & young adults will produce change in our communities,so let us reach out to those that society has left to fend for themselves.Let's heal the minds of our children.............NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We as Black Americans demand accountability by law enforcement when unarmed Black youth are killed by them & justice from the court system.Which is right by all means.Still I wonder when will we,Black Americans as a whole begin to account for what we are allowing to happen to our troubled youth in our  own communities.This is a major issue among us.As Black Americans who live in communities filled with Black on Black crime,we have failed to account for the part we play in whats happening in our communities.We prefer to blame others inside & outside of our communities  for the chaos we live in.This inability to accept personal responsibility for whats happening to our troubled youth & young adults,by way of self inflicted genocide,needs to change ASAP.No more denial,that it's not up to us as a people.Something is very wrong when we can demand accountability from others and we can't account for what's happening to our young & communities.Those who we demand accountability from,look at us and say when will we account for the daily loss of our youth lives,by our youth.It seems to me we need to really wake up to the fact,that we are failing our youth and ourselves as a people.It's time for no more excuses,justifications & rational.Accountability along with action by us will lead to change for our youth & communities.We can no longer afford to be in denial about ourselves.We cry for justice nation wide,lets use the same initiative to recover from our own lack of accountability.The sooner we account for our own,children's lives will be saved and safer communities will be born.Hope fully those who believe we don't care about our own,mindsets will change.......NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I've heard it said this not the time to mention youth killing youth,due to the death of Jordan Davis.I say it's the perfect time.From coast to coast,there's a cry for justice for Jordan,Yes me too,still during this time our youth & young adults are still painting inner city streets with their blood.We're wearing hoodies to show solidarity for justice.Why are we not displaying the same enthusiasm when comes to our troubled youth & young adults.FB & other social networks,Black news etc.,are all joining in on one agenda,"Justice for Jordan".Now is the perfect time to take the opportunity to voice out loud that "Enough Is Enough",we have the drive and the energy to show "Solidarity" against gun violence in our communities.This is what we need,now that we have people's attention.This can be a driving force to a cease fire in our communities.We can capitalize on the moment by bringing a equally important agenda to the forefront "Saving our Children.Let's not blow this opportunity to stand together in stopping gun violence.We may not get another opportunity like this.It's a injustice to our troubled youth,if we don't seize the momentum that we have at our disposal......

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Black males with a invisible "Bulls-Eye" on them,just because their black.Racism is the hunter and open season has been and is in effect until further notice.Not only here in America,is it open season on black males, around the world also.Why,is it because we are the original man or is it because Jesus was black and Racism crucified him.Or perhaps it's because of Black skills,talents,strength,knowledge,inventions,compassion,leadership, architects of the pyramids.Could it be the "Fear of a Black Planet" or is Racism really afraid of Black males because "Racism is a Coward".Racism has a arsenal of weapons & traps.Such as propaganda,disease,insidiousness,drugs & poverty.Racism uses divide & conquer techniques, camouflages.Racism's main weapon of choice is Black males.Now your probably thinking if Racism is hunting Black males,then why is Racism's main weapon of choice Black males. Racism still shoots down Black males every now & then.Racism has orchestrated a brilliant way for  black males to kill other black males, using his arsenal of weapons,that I mentioned in this blog.Racism has perfected how to use the weapon of mass deception.Simply by convincing black males their lives are worthless,providing them with weapons to exterminate themselves,Using all the weapons formentioned  in this blog.Racism even uses black churches,black leaders to help in the hunt.Racism has a abundance of resources,that are used 24/7 to hunt black males.Black males who don't die are sent to prison,to be used as slaves by the new Jim Crow.Racism is the most vicious beast on the planet today.Racism is the biggest hunter and the number 1 killer of black males.It's Racism's nature is to kill..........NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


While we've listen to the pros & cons of why our youth & young adults are slaughtering each other.Their death toll still rises.We've heard don't blame this or that for the cause of rampant "Gun Violence" in Americas inner city communities.Intellectual scholars who say education and knowledge of self is a solution,spirituality & love another.Mean while the shootings continue to escalate as the body count rises and the prison population grows.I've heard hip hop is a art not a influence,though hip hop artists should be held accountable for their negative lyrics about African American women,drugs & guns.Sounds kinda like a mixed message to me.Where's the accountability for what's happening to our youth & young adults.It's time to tell ourselves the truth about how we've failed our youth & young adults.We failed in our communities,as well as our schools,allowing our advancement in society,to slip away due the failure to nurture and staying consistent in the advancement of our children's future.We've failed in not placing principals before personalities.We've failed to keep black businesses in our communities.Complacency has become our norm.Failure to admit that unity is our strength,due to selfishness & individual stardom.We have allowed fear to dictate our actions in our communities,still we cry & complain about stop & frisk policies.When we live in communities filled with guns! Accountability for what is happening to our youth & young seems to be like kryptonite to us.Until we start to account for ourselves,don't complain about our conditions in our communities....NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!   

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


2014 children still killing children,youth still killing youth,mothers still burying their children.Reckless law enforcement using deadly force,causing the death of unarmed Blackmen  etc.The body count continues to rise in our inner cities.Gang Violence still surges in our communities.Are we making any progress in the struggle against nation wide Gun Violence?Is there still hope?Do we need a better plan or solutions?It's also a election year.There's a lot politicians counting on our votes.Most are offering solutions to the economy & jobs and have you noticed the unemployment rate,suddenly has dropped.Not for Black Americans though.Still the body count keeps rising.When is more focus going to be put on Stopping the Gun Violence and saving our children.Where's the plan for that?Seems to me Corporate America is closing old prisons and building new prisons to house more inmates & convicts,who are coming from our communities.Now what can we do the voters?How can we make the power of the vote make a greater impact in saving our children.We can't boycott the polls,that won't produce anything.So how do we make those who are running for office or reelection accountable for change in our communities concerning Gun Violence?We must some how make it clear,that we no longer stand for the "banana in the tail pipe" solutions that have not worked.Through unity we can form committees to meet with those who seek office.These committees should  be made up of community activists & Orgs.,clergy,youth & young adults,people of the community at large & business owners.Not allowing to be swayed by excuses or false promises.The power of the peoples vote can bring real change to communities,So long as we use it right.We can empower ourselves by standing side by side on this plan....NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This Mid Term Election ,how can we make the power of our vote count?First of all what are the most important issues in our communities that need to be made priorities by our elected officials,who are seeking reelection in our communities in 2014."Gun Violence" the "Plague" that has consumed our communities,by way of our troubled youth & young adults committing self inflicted genocide.Stopping the availability of weapons in our communities.This issue needs to be the number 1 priority,by demanding solutions & commitment in saving our children's lives,in exchange for our votes. Elected officials budgets to be used to fund constructive programs for troubled youth & young adults from low income families,such as education,mentoring,teen pregnancy,after school programs & support of community Orgs.,who's missions are to provide services for troubled youth & young adults.The creation of "Jobs" in our communities.Whoever opens a business in our communities "must hire the people who live in the community at large,this should be a "Policy" in order for businesses to operate in our communities,especially small businesses,such as 99cent stores,etc..The creation of a board of Overseers,who's purpose is to ensure our elected officials keep their promises.Our votes count and are sought after by those who want to be elected or reelected.In 2014 we can change the way we vote by not letting our vote be taken for granted.Any one who's running for office in our communities,needs to show & prove their being elected into office will produce better conditions in our communities.Our taxes pay their salaries and we have to pay taxes.Let election 2014 be year of real change in our communities...NO VIOLENCE=KNOW PEACE!