Friday, January 20, 2017


President Obama has left the building,America is greatly divided.The new President promising equality for all US citizens.Most of us don't believe him and why should we. We've just witnessed 8yrs of the greatest Presidency America has ever seen.As a believer in good & evil,the war between the two will always be.So where do we go from here,do we cry & whine or do we make some serious changes in how we live and think.First of all what did Black Folks do to capitalize on a Black man being in the "White House" for 8yrs?The hard truth is not much.If some Black Folk believe he didn't do enough for them.When the reality is they didn't do enough for themselves while he was in office.Now what are you going to do,now that he's gone.Will you be courageous and proactive instead of reactive.Will "Unity" become a priority?For if it does our common welfare will come first.Can actions which produce "Economic Empowerment" be done without compromise.President Obama in his farewell speech stated about the power of "Citizen",were you listening? I was listening and I heard him and it's crystal clear to me what he meant.Time to use the power of the "Citizen",cause if we do major change will  happen for Black folk across America.President Obama also stated he wasn't sure he could pull it off when elected the 44th President of the US,he stepped office in saying "Yes We Can".He exited saying Yes We Did" and as a "Citizen" "Yes We Will".I'm ready are you?