Monday, December 30, 2013



God grant us the Courage to change the things we can change,the Serenity to accept those we cannot change and the Wisdom to know the difference.Still God,grant us the Courage not give up on what we think is right,even though we think it is hopeless!


Why do Black folk refuse to empower themselves,when they can by willingness & action.Boycotts of major stores that have racial profiling policies.Can empower Black folk,we are America's biggest consumers.This is a major power that we are not using.Corporate America needs the Black dollar in order to continue to get rich,get it!If Black folk want change in their children's education,then we need to show up at PTA meetings and voice what we want for our children.Instead of accepting what is given.Stop making excuses.Education is what our children need for their future,in order to be productive members of society.It is imperative that parents have a say so about their education,this is more empowerment Black folks.Now the racial issue,according to some of the "Conscious community",Black folk can't empower themselves due to racism.Some even promote racial tensions,which will not be productive for Black folk.Racism isn't going anywhere,so if your not use to it,get use to it.Don't allow it to be a convenient excuse not to empower yourselves Black folk.Empowerment in Black communities can happen by believing that it can happen.It's time to start with the simple word "No".No we will not allow guns to be flooded into our communities.No to the gentrification of our communities.No to living in fear and under siege due the "Plague of  Gun Violence",in the community.No to those who try to stop our empowerment.Economic empowerment can be achieved by forming coalitions.Taking the Black dollar and keeping it in the Black communities,by way of planning and execution.Black folk have more assets and resources than realized,that are not being used to empower ourselves.These are simple solutions believe it or not.Just need to ask yourselves have we had "Enough"?President Obama is only going to be in office until 2016,Black folks's time is now.Stop listening to the naysayers,they don't have our best interest at heart.Even though they look like us.We must promote our own empowerment in order to change our conditions & status in society.I don't have all the ideas & solutions,still those that I've given will work. So as Arsenio Hall says Black folk "Lets Get Busy".............................No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I've heard all the pros & cons on why inner city communities plagued with Gun Violence refuse to take their communities back.How many more youth & young adults have to die before those who live in the communities at large say to themselves "Enough Is Enough".Does death have to knock on their door?Maybe they've bought into the lie that it's hopeless,that the young won't listen. Depending on Grass root Orgs. to make it happen without the community being involved,will not work.Mothers who've lost their sons to Gun Violence standing on the front line,meanwhile where are the men of the community?When will people get it,our youth & young adults are waiting for us to show up for them.Praying every Sunday at church for help without work equals zip.Yes there are solutions,that can be put into action,so stop saying they won't work.Just be honest with yourself and admit your afraid or a coward or part of the problem.We must "Stand Up",if not us who will stand up for our children?Political figures are not going to do it,this has to be a "People Movement".Strategies such as boycotts,sit ins.Speaking up,"If You See Something Say Something",too many young killers still at large.More attendance at PTA & Community meetings.Donations to Community Orgs..Volunteering when called upon to mentor youth & young adults.A consistent Gun Violence Prevention campaign.Demand that the flooding of Guns in communities be stopped. Working together,not just going along with whats popular.Recognizing when the naysayers speak,they're just distractions.To keep us from the primary agenda.Promoting Critical Thinking Skills is a must,our young need it.Blaming is over,accountability is "What's Up".This is simple stuff,are we that complicated we can't make it happen.I don't believe that.If we want better, then we must do better.We can empower ourselves,by believing we can inspite of the odds.Whats happening in our communities is outrageous,so we must be courageous in order to "Save Our Children"...No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Truth is,We need to take our communities back.
Truth is,We need to be more proactive,instead reactive.
Truth is,Blaming racism doesn't justify not being accountable.
Truth is,Our communities are being sold to the highest bidder.
Truth is,Black businesses in Black communities,are a thing of the past.
Truth is,Black men & Black women are still blaming each other.
Truth is,Black family structure is weak.
Truth is,Gun Violence is a Crisis in America.
Truth is,We're failing our children.
Truth is,We've given up on troubled youth & young adults.
Truth is,Spirituality is a dollar in mega churches.
Truth is,Unity is not happening,due to selfish people.
Truth is,We need jobs.
Truth is,We're hiding in our homes.
Truth is,Guns are being flooded into our communities by those we least suspect.
Truth is,The prison population is growing with our sons & daughters.
Truth is,Teens have guns cause their parent/parents can't protect them from the street violence.
Truth is,Black pride,self respect & love needs to be promoted more.
Truth is,Black men need to step up more in their communities.
Truth is,Self hate is consuming our young folk.
Truth is,Local elected officials have limited power.
Truth is,Genocide is in effect,by way of homicide.
Truth is,People are preying on one another,just to eat.
Truth is,We show up for death,more than we show up for life.
Truth is,We refuse to change our ways.
Truth is,We are allowing the re-gentrification of our communities.
Truth is,Black folk don't believe in themselves anymore.
Truth is,We need to reeducate ourselves.
Truth is,There is no true Black leadership.
Truth is,We consume more than any other race,and still own nothing.
Truth is,The enemy within is us.
Truth is,Anyone who speaks the truth is frowned upon.
Truth is,When we see something,we need to say something.
Truth is,We make too many excuses.
Truth is,We need a kick in our butts,to "Wake Us Up".
Truth is,It's time to teach our youth Critical Thinking.
Truth is,Our troubled youth & young adults need more options.
Truth is,If we stand together,we'll build together.
Truth is,When we demand what we want,we'll get what we want for our communities.
Truth is,There is hope,even though some feel it's hopeless.
Truth is,Sacrifice & commitment is needed for change.
Truth is,Until we change,our conditions won't change.
Truth is,Black women need to stop having babies that they can't take care of.
Truth is,Black men need to be fathers,instead of baby daddies.
Truth is,Denial is detrimental to the advancement of  Black America.
Is all this being done by design "Truth Is" yes.
No Violence-Know Peace!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Labor Day weekend 2013 as with previous Labor Day weekends.Babies were killed by reckless shooters.This is what we have allowed to continue in our communities,like clock work.It's so terrible that even a father who witnessed his own 1yr old son's murder.Refuses to cooperate with N.Y.P.D. The question I ask is why?Is it fear of being killed himself or seeking personal revenge himself?Whatever the answer may be,it's still insane to me. Their are many mothers & fathers in NYC,who's children have been killed.The killers of their children remain at large.I truly believe if they knew who killed their child,they would cooperate with N.Y.P.D. to help apprehend the killer.There are so many parents in NYC and other inner city communities in America,who suffer anguish not knowing who murdered their child,along with knowing that there are those that do know and refuse to help.What have we allowed to happen to us as parents in our communities?Where is our courage as a community?Our community cowardice is costing the lives of  our children.Communities living under siege due to gun violence,are sending a message of fear to those responsible for the daily murder of our children.This can't continue,our children's lives are at stake.We as a community cannot allow the death dealers in our communities,to continue to kill our children.Without worry of repercussions. Communities of color a too busy complaining about what others race are doing to them. Meanwhile in those communities of other races if someone see's something, they say something. Communities of color it's time to catch on to being fear less.It's time to start sending a message of we will no longer standby and witness our children be murdered and say nothing. Instead we as a community will stand up and do what's right.No more of empowering murderers in our community,some of whom are children themselves.Local Law-enforcement can't stop it,without community intervention & prevention.Too many children's lives have been lost and no justice served.We march,we rally when one of our own is killed by way of racism.There's anger & outrage.It's way past time for that same enthusiasm when comes to our children,being murdered by those who look like them. We must empower ourselves as a community,and do things differently to save our children's,youth & young adults lives.God helps those who help themselves....No Violence-Know Peace!

Monday, July 15, 2013


The verdict has been read,not guilty and the judge says your free to go.Justice was not served.So I need to say I "Understand" angry Black man & Black woman.I "Understand" angry Black youth & young adults.I "Understand" being classified sub-human by racist.I "Understand" the emotional turmoil and hopeless mindset.I "Understand" that our spirit as a people has been broken.I "Understand" that right now we have tunnel vision.I "Understand" we are afraid for our children and ourselves.I "Understand" wanting an eye for eye.I "Understand" that our children being targeted by design. I "Understand" how we're being sent into desperation mode.I "Understand" why our status in society is at the bottom.I "Understand" how and why whole Black families have turned into single parent homes.I "Understand" no jobs for Blackmen. I "Understand" the rage inside.I "Understand guns being flooded in to Black communities,so that our children will continue to kill each other.You see in order to be understood,I have to first "Understand".Understanding is something many people don't have.Those we expect to "Understand" rarely do.I "Understand" the mindset of always the victim.It gets so bad that victims start to victimize others who believe they're always victims too.I "Understand". Black youth & young adults believing their lives are not worth anything,cause that's what they've been witnessing in today's society.I "Understand".Black leaders,Activist,Advocates & Clergy who are trying to gather the masses,the struggles and frustration in convincing a people who have been broken spiritually,mentally,physically & financially.That there's still "Hope".I "Understand".Black America is reeling from economic woes.Prisons & graveyards being filled with Blackmen.I "Understand".Parents burying their children and the killer is still on the loose,or when the killer is found not guilty,asking God for strength.Some even asking God why.I "Understand".I say this,Black people are a resilient race. We've come from slavery,fought for civil rights.Black people helped build America,we now live in the White House.Black people we are being distracted from accomplishing more in America,by those who know we can.Their tactics are obvious. Black people we are Americans,the American dream is still alive for us.There's somethings we have to do differently first.Accountability & Unity followed by a spiritual remix,education & economic empowerment.This is not going happen over night,still Black America must begin to do something different. We've come from the cotton fields to the White House.Let's not give up on ourselves,we can't afford to.You see I remember as little boy,being told by my elders because of the color of my skin.I was going to have to go the extra mile to succeed in America.At the time I didn't "Understand",today I do.Know that there is hope for us Black people,inspite of  trials & tribulations.God has got our backs.For those of us who have lost faith.I "UNDERSTAND"!..................No Violence-Know Peace

Friday, June 28, 2013


S/E Queens N.Y. political machine is in shambles due to corruption,indictments & convictions of several Senators.Wires worn by some Senators to trap other Senators. I've heard it said,there's no loyalty amongst thieves,is this the case in the political arena in S/E Queens N.Y.?Hmmm I wonder,one thing is for sure though. It's not a good look for candidates running for office.What will candidates have to do to gain the voters of S/E Queens N.Y. trust? Clearly their actions will have to match their words.Or are the candidates counting on voters to blindly cast their vote.What issues are the candidates willing to commit to,without selling out the constituents.Partitions are in effect for new candidates and candidates seeking reelection.Can the voters trust some candidates past records and what about the new candidates abilities to do a better job? I say we must choose carefully and hold candidates accountable this election.We need guarantees from whomever is elected.Our communities lack real leadership.Major changes need to be made concerning Gun Violence Prevention, Community Safety & the stopping of guns being flooded into our communities.Candidates agendas must address the voters main concerns.I insist we the voters do not drop the ball this election.No more selected political leaders,it's time for real elected political leaders.As voters we must make sure this happens.Lets make our vote count this election,our children's lives and community safety is at stake..........No Violence-Know Peace!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Today I attended the home going service of a 14yr old African American young girl.Her life was ended tragically by "Gun Violence".Upon my arrival I immediately notice the high number of youth & young adults.I assume some were friends and friends supporting friends.Some were probably relatives.They filled the entire 2nd level of the Cathedral in which the service was held.As I sat amongst them,I looked into their many faces.There were expressions of sadness,pain,anger and even puzzlement! As I listen to the best friends of the deceased young girl speak of how much they missed her.One nearly collapsing from grief ,I could feel emotions creeping up inside me.But I held it in,I felt I needed to be strong for the young whom I sat amongst. As I continued listen to the different pastors who spoke at the service.There was one pastor who really caught my attention.He stated to the youth in attendance that it wasn't their fault that Gun Violence was killing  our youth & young adults.Still he never said who's fault it was.Was it gangs or drug dealers or even rap music?He called on elected officials who's districts are filled with Gun  Violence to step up their efforts to prevent more death of our youth.I began to realize the fault was ours,for we are not involved in what is going on in our communities as we should be.Some of us have given up on our youth,especially if there not our own children.Some of us somehow believe they are immune to the Plague of Violence in the community.Some are fearful and some are in denial.We as a people who occupy the communities at large are failing our youth.We're showing up for death,when we should be showing up for life.How many more youth have to die,before we decide "it's time to do something different".Other than showing up for death! Now some may disagree with me,which I have no problem accepting.I will ask them this though,to prove me wrong!I don't want to bury my child or yours.What about you? All our youth in our communities need us,not just our own.So here we are today,"Showing Up For Death" again! Now I ask all of you,"what are we going to do tomorrow?...No Violence-Know Peace!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Are African Americans unknowingly fueling the "New Jim Crow" machine? Are troubled black male youth & young adults the new commodity in the stock market, for shareholders who have invested in Corporate Corrections prisoners for profit agenda? Can the fact that the high unemployment rate for black males,not be by coincidence?Now let's look at why African Americans are the primary fuel for the "New Jim Crow"machine.Unemployment of black males forcing some to choose crime,in order to survive.Uneducated black males coming from dysfunctional backgrounds,who are in Gangs. Perpetrators of Gun Violence & Drug dealing in African American communities.Black children being primed in schools,who's staff diagnose them as ADHD. Which lead to ADHD meds being prescribed,that cause serious behavior side effects,which effect their thinking process.Poverty leading young black males into male prostitution.The lack of black fathers stepping up for their children.Black women who continue to have babies by men who abandon them and the child.What about black males who are listening to those on Urban radio. Thinking they're being schooled by them,are really fooled by them.Attraction by distraction is how the "New Jim Crow" machine is being fueled. Separation by frustration.This is all happening by design."Oh" did I mention the lack of African Americans paying attention.Time to catch on to what's in effect as I write this blog.That young African American's future across the nation is in a "State Of Emergency".............No Violence-Know Peace

Friday, February 15, 2013


Urban America in some parts of this nation is in denial.Living under siege due to Gun Violence and burying our children has become the norm.Urban America's lack of courage & commitment to prevent more death is proof.Urban America has a big issue when it comes to Unity.Urban America still has not caught on to the fact,that Unity is the master key that will unlock all the chains of learned helplessness & internalized oppression.Urban America is still waiting for the Calvary to save them.Not accepting that they are the Calvary and it's way pass time to save themselves.Urban America has chosen to forget about their predecessors who by Unity, sacrifice & commitment for human & civil rights.Led to the beginning of equal rights,that Urban America benefits from today.Urban America believes we have arrived in society,truth is we haven't.The progress that was made has stalled by Urban America.Urban America's children's education is lacking due to the parents and placing the blame on teachers & schools.Urban America believes they're powerless against those who've convinced them there is no hope.Truth be told it's being done by design.Urban America is giving their money to Mega churches,which do nothing for the urban communities which surround the church.This is why Urban communities have no businesses of their own.Urban America is electing local officials and not holding them accountable to address the ills of Urban communities.Urban America wont let go of suffering from the Willie Lynch syndrome.There is no trust of one another in Urban America.Urban America suffers from high unemployment & poverty,still Urban America is the biggest consumer in the nation.Urban America's mindset is every man & woman for themselves,survival of the fittest. Never mind who gets let behind.Urban America is in it's own way,blocking themselves from changing their conditions in Urban America.Urban America is headed in the wrong direction,is in dire need of GPS. The road is leading to a dead end.Urban America it's time to learn to believe in yourselves again.The prisons are filling up with troubled youth & young adults and so are the grave yards.Does Urban America have a fear of change and truth."Truth Be Told,Urban America Doesn't Like The Truth".........No Violence-Know Peace!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


In today's society aided by America's Family Court System,in some cases not all.Unfit mother's & absentee mom's get a pass.Some of these woman have long records of abuse & neglect with the local children family services,still somehow custody of the children  is given to these woman.They also owe large amounts of child support for the child who's in the fathers custody.Are they getting a pass from the system?These same woman continue to get pregnant,are on public assistance and not willing to become a better parent or a productive member of society.Generally these woman have 3 to 10 children.The fathers are no where to be found,still these woman continue to have babies.It's as if they have no sense of what their doing.Their children are growing up in a dysfunctional home.Generally the children are exposed to different men,drugs & physical abuse.Boys with these kinds of woman raising them.Wind up joining gangs, going to jail and have issues in school, etc.The girls follow the path of the mother when it come to boys.These mothers will give their children ADHD meds. because the school guidance counselor said their child is too active,plus you can get more free money from the state.They will jump on this without hesitation.Getting a second opinion is the furthest thought in their mind.This money is not being spent on the children.This money is spent on weaves,nails & eyelashes.They leave the children to fend for themselves,while they're out doing whatever.These same woman have the inability to accept personal responsibility for their actions and how they are living.Now let's talk about the absentee mother who is not in their child's life by choice.She doesn't take out the time to get involved with her child.Why because she doesn't want to nor does she contribute monetarily.And when she does occasionally,she wants a medal. Meanwhile she owes rears in child support and the local child support courts are not pursuing her in the same manner they would pursue a father who owes child support.I wonder why that is?There a lot of men in jail due to not paying child support,at the same time you have absentee moms. Who are not in jail.There's not a lot of focus on this issue,well it's time to change that.In some courts change is happening.I hope it catches on across America.If the courts can go after the fathers,then the courts can go after the mothers.It's time to get the message out "Absentee Moms & Unfit Mothers","You Don't Get A Pass"!
No Violence-Know Peace!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Many of our troubled youth & young adults are fatherless,especially in urban communities across the nation.Many of their fathers are incarcerated or on drugs.Some are dead,so let's not focus on them.Let's focus on the fathers who have abandoned their sons & daughters and their responsibilities.These fathers are living their lives with no concern for the child they helped conceive.These men seem to be totally unaware of the impact of what they have done to their child.These same men blame the mother of the child,for their irresponsibility as fathers.Most of these men didn't grow up with fathers,not acknowledging the impact it had on their own lives.Does it ever occur to them it's time to break the cycle,and give their children what they didn't have.These same men have the nerve to get angry when they are ordered to appear in court for child support.I say if your not taking care of your child,who cares if you get angry.It's time to man up!Your son or daughter need you in a mighty way,not just monetarily.For guidance & protection,if you don't know how to be a father,then learn.Talk to responsible fathers you know,Attend fatherhood workshops & parental skills classes.Men who who are not steppin up for their children are part of the senseless death of our youth, in our communities.Stop only showing up for your child's funeral and get involved in your child's life.They need you right now.Men need to get over whatever differences they may have with their child's mother.Their child has become collateral damage because of it.Too many single mothers in urban communities today.Stop being baby daddies and be a father.Give your child a chance to have something,you may not have had as a child.Children are a gift from God.Our children are dying,part of the reason is no father in their lives.It's time to wake up and realize it's not about you it's about your child.If  you call yourself a man,then it's time to "Man Up" for your son or daughter....No Violence-Know Peace!