Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today we call talkin about Black folks in a negative way media slander.Or it's the White man's fault for the negativity.Or we've been stereotyped,even though there's evidence of being stereo typical by Black folk.Then there's when Black folk speak out about other Black folk's ghetto,ratchet behavior,their frowned upon or called haters.Screaming stop 'Black Bashing"!Does it even occur to them how bad some in the Black culture makes the rest of Black culture look.These same folk holla "Black Lives Matter",but are livin like "Black Lives Don't Matter".Who in their right mind would take them serious.They don't like their shaming,still they love blaming everything on other cultures,media,etc.They'll say,it ain't us it's them.Ignorance,gun violence,self exploitation,self hate,no self respect nor pride.All this is not their own faults.Don't call me a "Nigger",still I like being a "Nigga".I don't get it!People trying to be exciting,instead of callin for "Uniting".Black culture needs a serious "Remix" on all levels.A "Future Shock",cause some Black Folks behavior today is shocking.Can't seem to tell the God honest truth  to themselves about the damage that's being done to Black culture,by some in the Black culture.Some speak on how the prisons are fillin up with Black men,still some Black men keep volunteering to be part of the prison population.Saying they had no choice,what kinda ignorant crap is that,perfect example of how a lie spread by some in Black culture.Can do serious damage,leading to incarceration.Cause truth be told there's always another choice, and I'm sure at least one person told them this.It's time to realize everything that's blamed on others,keeps them winning.And keeps Black folk losing.No man in the home,single mothers stats growing at a rapid pace.Some thin Skinned Black folk frown on "Truth",cause they can't handle "Constructive Criticism".So they holla no "Black Bashing"......No Violence-Know Peace!