Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Hate,Voter Suppression,Mass Shootings,#MeToo ,Racism & Government Corruption.
This is the America we live in today,US citizens being pitted against one another.Due to leadership that fuels the fire of turmoil in America.The plague of hate & violence,and the hideous rash of  racism.America has lost it's creds in the world.America has compromised it's values & standards. Government taking credit for Americas economic progress,that was initiated by the prior administration.While gutting assistance for the middle class & poor.Public Lynching of prominent Black figures #FreeBillCosby,Affordable Healthcare Act being sabotaged due to greed.Rigged Midterm elections,media feeding US citizens with Government propaganda.Meanwhile America's turmoil continues to grow at a rapid pace. Americans living in fear of  each other,due to skin tone promoted by Government's refusal to denounce the forces of Racism and racist orgs. in America.Blacks migrating south from the north due to economics.Weak Black leadership.Threats of prosecution of Government officials,meanwhile undesirable persons are being made Supreme court judges. Law enforcement still murdering unarmed citizens with impunity.Social media controlling the mindsets of many who used to be free thinkers.The so called master race concept has come out of the shadows and has made itself a greater part of America's world image.Other world leaders have declared that America's leadership has become a liability.So called White Christian leadership being guided by slave master mentalities.This is the work of evil and it's thirst for turmoil and lust for chaos.Evil's passion for greed,while others suffer.Evil's abuse of power and it's perverted twist of America's values.US citizens feeling powerless against the present forces of turmoil.How much longer will America's citizens continue to be victims of Government who cares nothing about them.God help America...#GodBlessAmerica