Sunday, August 26, 2012


Solutions without execution,results in delusions.Executing solutions to solve the Plague of Gun Violence in our communities,must be a daily priority.If we are truly committed to saving our youth & young adults  and restoring safe passage to our communities.We need to start & stay active where we live.Scattered efforts with inconsistency,will result in little progress.What we put in,is what we get out.Promoting community involvement must be pushed on a daily basis.Not when it becomes the flavor of the week.It is important to keep in mind,that this is a "People Of The Communities Movement".This is a "We",not a "Me"coalition.We have to occupy the corners everyday.We must keep the Black media engaged in actions & results by the people of the communities at large,that are under siege due to "Gun Violence".Mindsets must be consistent in making a difference in the communities,where we live.Donations & funding is truly needed from community resources,such as churches,city,state & local entities. Dialog with gang leaders & gang members is important in order to keep a ongoing line of communication and create a positive relationship to save lives,which is a must.Attendance at community meetings must be  a priority and consistent.At these meetings,Gun Violence & Community Safety must be the main agenda.It's our communities,so it's up to us to stay consistent,Those who have moved out of the community,who make appearances,who say they're with us,Prove it by being more active.All assets need to be be used for the betterment of our communities.Lets not stall our progress,by waiting for others.This is for us and about us,therefore it's up to us."The People Of The Communities At Large"...No Violence-Know Peace.

Monday, August 13, 2012


We must vote this November midterm election,please register to vote now,not later.This election is too important not to vote.President Obama's opponents are counting on people not registering to vote,yes they have changed the rules in some states.Don't let it deter you from going the extra mile to insure your are registered to vote.Be aware of the agents of separation,who look like you,convince you not to vote due to hidden agendas,under the guise of God & morals.We are currently in a depression, disguised as a recession.The 99% of America is struggling to live,while the 1% wants to thrive on the suffering of the 99%.Our votes can change the economy and bring stability back in to our lives.President Obama stated in 2008,that it would take 8yrs to bring America back from the damage done by the Bush administration policies.The Republican party has offered no solutions & or options.Instead they have been all about the rich.The middle class in America has all but disappeared due to corporate America's greed. Voting is the power we have to bring about change for our conditions.Don't be fooled by the pros & cons about voting.Voting is a must,if you do not vote,don't complain and shame on you.These last 6yrs,Republican party has concentrated on blocking any & everything that would help the American people,offering no alternatives.Also taking away rights for woman & minorities.They promote illegal alien workforce and healthcare repeal,Is this good for America,"No"! It's time to bring back the American Dream,A Republican Congress will mean disastrous results for us all.Please don't be distracted by rhetoric & false info about the importance of voting.Voting this November is critical,especially in African American communities,so spread the word.Register to vote now!    NO VIOLENCE-KNOW PEACE