Friday, January 8, 2021


FaceBook has disabled dozens of FB accounts without warning,when reviews were requested.They were denied,FB message stated the decision could not be reversed due to violating FB community standards.FaceBook has profiled certain FB accounts & groups and disabling them based on bogus violation of FB community standards.Upon disabling FB has stolen all of the disabled accounts property.FaceBook has made it impossible to contact them.They're using "AI" and generated answers.FaceBook planned this,then targeted peoples accounts & various groups.Having a FB account means risking having your FB account disabled,along with the content being stolen by FB.It is time to put FaceBook on notice,if not for us who have helped FB grow,we will not just go away.We must take this unfair practice of disabling accounts to the world,FaceBook must be pressured to answer for what they"re doing to accounts with predujice.Within FB there is a entity who has chosen to single out accounts and groups that are influential,positive,objective & Awareness.The only action that will get FB's attention is a massive "BOYCOTT".We helped build it's existence by joining the social media platform.How dare they take us for granted and treat us unfairly.So let us start the "BOYCOTT" campaign by using other social media platforms,Youtube,Twitter,Instagram,etc.We want to also make mainsteam media aware of FaceBook's radical actions being used to Disable accounts & groups,particuly Black men & women also Black groups with large memberships.My name is Tony V. Nix,join me in Boycotting and any other soical media platform FB has their hands in... BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT

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