Thursday, April 2, 2020


Spring of 2020 millions of Earth's citizens are victims of death by "Mass Murder",perpetrated by a unknown assailant .The weapon used is "COVID-19.World Governments failing to protect the citizens of their countries from a disease with no cure or vaccine.Scientist & Medical experts world wide baffled on how to stop the death toll from rising.Earth's citizens are burying their loved ones at a rapid pace.Mass hysteria is on the rise,fear of being next on the death list.Measures to prevent further death have proven fruitless as the death toll still climbs.This "Pandemic" has cause many to isolate themselves in "Quarantine" ordered by local Governments.People haven't been killed like this since the Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan or in the many wars that have taken place on Earth.Who is the perpetrator of this "Mass Murder",it's said it came from China or started there by a "Bat".Who really believes that? This lie has been used many times when "Mass Murder" by disease has taken place.Monkeys,chickens,etc. have been the usual suspects.When the unknown suspect is really in human form.Why is this COVID-19 plague happening? Who benefits from watching millions die.Is this the beginning of the end of how life on Earth has been lived.Is a Global Government attempting to seize power over the world or could the unknown perpetrator be like a suicide bomber,who is willing to sacrifice themself to destroy the world.How much about the "Mass Murder" on Earth is not being told to it's citizens.
God is the only defense that Earth's citizens have to protect them from being victims of the "Mass Murder" which continues to claim lives every second.There are many who have no "Faith",many who have lost "Faith".Is God testing our"Faith",no I don't believe that!God's "Grace & Mercy" will prevail.There will be a lesson and a blessing when it's all said and done.Death in the Spring of 2020 will never be forgotten,a lot of survivors lives will be changed forever. COVID-19 "Mass Murder" will have a lot of us changing the way we live,and maybe to cherish our loved ones more.Maybe life on Earth won't be taken for granted,cause who knows when the next "Mass Murder" will strike again.May "God's" will be done to save the earth,our home in this massive universe.

Tony V. Nix

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